The Scope & The Story​

My name is Michael. I'm a musician on a mission to create and celebrate community and connection here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. 

Kelowna has been so kind to me. I've established relationships with some of the hardest working and most talented musicians I've ever known. The community here has allowed me to carve out a living doing what I love. Vice versa, opportunities for my creative skill sets to benefit the community seem to continually present themselves in ever more exciting and challenging ways. In short; I simply love this place, and I can not recall a time in my life where I've felt happier nor more fulfilled. I feel, like many of you, there is something special here between the land and our community, and this project is about creating a musical snapshot of my experience with it. 

My intention is to build a community project around songs that I wrote along the shores of Okanagan Lake during the summer of 2017. In doing so I will utilize the relationships I've built with extremely talented and positive musicians to build beautifully textured and heartfelt tracks in glorious high fidelity. Shepherding me along these sonic-scapes will be Dan Harden of The Record Room. In Dan I trust. Dan will be recording and engineering this project from beginning to end. In fact, it is his generosity and enthusiasm that's breathed new life into the idea.


Sonically this project will incorporate many of the hardest working musicians living and operating right here in Kelowna. We will be inviting these musicians to The Record Room, a well established recording facility in the heart of downtown Kelowna's industrial area. I'm excited to record there. The industrial area of any city always seemed like a heart to me; renewing and pumping supplies and resources throughout the city.  It's fitting that this album be recorded in the heart of Kelowna.


With your help I will release these songs for free to the community and beyond. In addition to releasing the songs themselves, I will release the individual stems for each of the tracks. This will allow any interested musicians to add themselves into the project at any point. The songs will be released using a creative commons "Copyleft" license. This enables the songs to be re-arranged, re-mixed, re-recorded, and re-distributed with out seeking permission to do so like you would with a standard Copyright license. This project is about inclusivity, community, and creativity. It's my hope that each song grows and evolves as members of our creative community add themselves. I would love to see many variations of each track, especially variations that surprise and delight. Music is a great thing to share. 

I want to create a project in which our community can participate and celebrate. With your help, we can accomplish this. 


What We Need & What You Get

So, why now?  The short answer is Dan Harden. Dan is a celebrated engineer and producer living and operating in Kelowna.


I've had long conversations with Dan about the idea of this project and he has encouraged me to pursue it. Not only is Dan willing to accept the responsibility of ensuring this project receives his full attention and dedication he has also offered me some astoundingly generous rates.


The opportunity is too ripe not to pick. The time for this is now. That's why I need your help. All I want is to pre-sell enough of the album to fund the project. 

Barebones I need $3,000.00 to make this a 'go'.  Meaning I need 600 people to support this campaign by making a $5.00 donation.


The Impact

These songs are the brightest most heartfelt material I've ever had the chance to be a part of. The amount of talent that I have access to right now in this city continually has me in awe. I developed these songs performing at city park entrance. This project is uniquely native to Kelowna all the way through to the bones. I want to complete this snap shot of Kelowna's heart, community, and music scene.  

With your help me and the team of musicians, producers, and engineers will create something the community of Kelowna can be proud of.

Risks & Challenges

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  • Share what qualifies you to overcome these hurdles.

  • Describe your plan for solving these challenges.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.

  • Remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools!

And that's all there is to it.